Zombie Idol Loli, Lily Hoshikawa (Sunday Night Loli) – Actually there is a request from friends to discuss other loli, but in the loli review this Saturday night we will review loli which is quite unique and still warmly discussed. He is a member of the idol group Mimin, Franchouchou named Lily Hoshikawa.

Usually Mimin really doesn’t like to talk about idols, because Mimin doesn’t like anime idols. Shikashi !, ZombieLand SAGA is really recommended to watch. In addition to funny and interesting stories, Mimin is also interested in the presence of one of the loli in it (not a pedophile). Yup, she is Lily.

What is Lily like? Let’s review !, be careful spoilers.

Twintail Zombie Haired Loli

In the story, Lily is a zombie who becomes an idol to save Saga (one of the cities in Japan) with other Franchouchou members. His appearance is really lollipop really and cute. His trademark is green hair, eh blue meaning, with a series of ribbons and stars to decorate his head.

The twintail hairstyle is perfect for Lily, the twintail is not as long as the market loli out there and it’s very interesting. If you look at an hour like Mimin did, her hair is a bit like a flutter of wings because it widens, not lengthwise. With ribbons and stars to decorate, Lily is truly beautiful. Good job for illustrator-sama, muehehe.

Liza Chan

Written by Liza Chan

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