The Loli Captain, Misaki Akeno (Sunday Night Loli) – Loli who will accompany us tonight is from a ship anime, not Kancolle, another ship anime. The title is Hai-Furi or High School Fleet, this anime is fun.

Doi is the captain of the Harekaze ship, Misaki Akeno. In the story, he became a Blue Mermaid training student (Profession to maintain the peace of the ocean). He was appointed to be the captain of one of the part ships that was driven by a large ship named Musashi.

Even though Harekaze is said to be the place of the girls with the lowest grades, but who would have thought the contents were talented girls, though some were a bit impractical. Now according to a request from one of the LMM readers, let’s review our Captain this one!

Just ordinary 🙂

This is just a mere mimin opinion but as the main character, his appearance is very ordinary. In fact, there are still other characters who, according to Mimin, are more striking and suitable to be the main characters.

For example like the chief mechanical engineer Maron Maron or maybe the hilarious secretary Kouko. There are even many characters that are similar to Captain, for example Nanoha from the Magical Girl Layrical anime.

It can’t be helped, because the twintail hair style is like a normal captain, even the color is normal 😀. That’s when discussing the main character, but as a Captain, nothing is more suitable than him, agree? 🙂.

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