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Muscle Neko, Koneko Toujou (Sunday Night Loli) – Hi loli lovers, it’s been a long time not updating loli on Saturday night because mimin is really busy lately 🙁 but today, let’s update again and on this occasion we will review the loli that was booming a few years ago namely Koneko Toujou from anime High School DxD, a little girl with the power of a rhino. Curious? Let’s review.

Popular with men

Koneko-chan is arguably very popular among men, even though, she herself claims to hate men even if the guy is handsome to me. There is only one man who can make Koneko a woman, that is our role model together, Issei-sama.

At her school, she was known as a quiet and athletic woman in sports. That’s why he is very charming when wearing sports uniforms. Her beauty was undeniable, her skin was smooth and her oppai was really good. Forgive me this dirty one 🙁

Cat Rhinoceros

Koneko-chan is identical to the alias cat neko with an all-white and holy appearance. He also fits really well in neko costumes, with neko ears and neko tails. At first glance it looks like a charming white Angora cat.

But, it’s all just outside, different when it comes to discussing its strength. He is very strong, although his body is small, petite, and looks weak. He is able to throw a grown man with only one hand and spin it. Well as expected of Rias Grimory’s “Rook”. Of course not only is the strength of little Koneko, maybe he is more suitable to be compared to an elephant, or a buffalo, or whatever.

One of the Best Loli in the Anime World

He is very charming with the size of B67-W57-H73 cm (Note this code carefully) with a weight of no more than 31 kg, really lightweight bro, truly a true loli. Mimin likes her hairstyle, the color is white with a few front hairs extending downward, the rest are cut short. He has two modes, fighting mode or nekomata and ordinary mode or human mode. In the nekomata mode, two cat ears will appear accompanied by a tail. For more details, you can see it in the anime, well you know for yourself that DxD High School always shows the character of girls to the deepest.

The Origin of the Name Koneko

So remember with one of the characters who wrote a novel in an anime that I forgot the title, that the author does not give a name carelessly, the name must really represent the nature of the character. Likewise with Koneko, it has the meaning behind her name. Koneko can mean “Little Cat” while her last name “Toujou” can mean a fortress, such as her role as a pawn of a castle for Rias.

He is also known as the “Hellcat” or hell cat, that’s why his strength is extraordinary. In matters of physical strength, it seems like only a few people can defeat him. Sassuga Koneko-chan!

Koneko’s hobby

Apparently there are some interesting things about his hobby according to the facts from his son. It is said that Koneko likes rap songs, quite contrary to her always calm nature. Hmmm, what a mysterious girl. He also likes watching videos on DeviTube (the world of Satan’s YouTube).

There, he prefers the channels that review food, he also likes watching people streaming games and it is really fun for him, especially if there is a live streaming playing PUBG hehe. Oh yeah, there is one more Koneko favorite, which is teasing Issei. Although Koneko initially considered Issei as an insect, but now, Koneko is even willing to get hurt to protect Issei. Sassuga Issei-sama, the role model of all men in the world.

So that’s our Saturday night loli on this cold night. Hopefully the content on this blog can warm your hearts and see you in other cool articles only at Zangetsu. Bye bye!

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