Maid Loli Not Babu, Rem (Saturday Night Loli) – Hi loli lovers wherever you are, this time Mimin wants to discuss one of the loli that was very popular when the anime was released last year. It’s called Rem, not car brake, from the Re: Zero anime.

This brake is similar to his brother Ram, not ram ram, because they are twins. But what Sakuranime will discuss this time is the younger brother, Rem.

Well, let’s get acquainted with Rem-chan ~!

Maid Loli

Rem himself is told as one of the Maids at the Roswaal Inn. As a Maid alias “Maid”, her work certainly serves the Host such as brewing tea, ironing, washing, and so forth.

It works the same as his brother, but Rem is very good at home affairs, better than his own brother. It’s also unique, because it’s really rare to see twin characters in anime who work as Maids, let alone loli. Brakes are also very suitable to wear Maid clothing, great.

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