Loli Maniac Weapon, Shima Tateishi (Loli Saturday Night) – Hi back with Zangetsu with loli that we will review tonight is Shima-chan from the Hai-Furi anime or High School Fleet and it looks like it’s going to be a short article because this loli has very little space in the anime 😀.

But because there is a friend of mine who is asking the Captain Ayano that we have reviewed and Shima, the mimin is discussed this time. What is this Shima Tateishi like? Let’s get to know you further!

The Head of Harekaze Artillery Subdivision!

This artillery means the weapons section, so Shima is the head of the weapons department on the Harekaze ship. He is an expert in shooting, not very pro-pro, but his interest in weapons is quite large. It was also strange to see Shima who was a quiet person, but he liked the weapons part that impressed “Hard” 😀.

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Written by Liza Chan

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