Loli Maniac Blast, Megumin (Saturday Night Loli) – Hi Minna-swan! Welcome back to our Saturday night loli discussion. Unlike the loli-loli that has been discussed lately, where well the loli-loli are less well known, but different from our loli this one. Doi can be called the “Loli of a million people” because you must know, yup he is Megumin from the Konosuba anime.

Seiyuu, it’s great!

One of the factors that caused Megumin to have so many fans was the voices of the voices. Who the heck is he? His voice is Rie Takahashi, a beautiful and young voice who, according to Mimin, has a very unique voice.

Mimin has seen several anime characters played by Rie, such as Emilia (Re: Zero) or Takagi (Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san), all of them very good. But if told to choose which character is the most suitable, according to Mimin Megumin is the best!

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Written by Liza Chan

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