Loli Dragon, Wendy Marvell (Sunday Night Loli) – The loli we will discuss this time is Wendy Marvell, a loli dragon who likes to eat the wind from the Fairy Tail anime.

Watsap lolilovers wherever you are, come back with a mimin at loli Saturday night with loli who will accompany us on this lonely Saturday night is Wendy Marvell, a loli who is quite interesting from the anime Fairy Tail. Come immediately see!

Loli Dragon

It reminds me of Kanna from Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon which can be called a loli dragon because it has dragon power. It turns out oh apparently, Wendy too, too, in the story of Fairy Tail, he is known as “Dragon Slayer” and makes himself a loli fighter.

He also becomes the only loli of several dragon slayers and is the only loli who acts as the main character in the anime, the rest are sexy onee-san like Erza and Lucy 😀.

As a child, he was cared for by a wind-borne dragon, which is why Wendy has the power of the wind. So be careful when Wendy will sneeze, you might bounce off XD. What Mimin likes from Wendy is that he is overpowered, there is a Goku-style revolution that changes his hair color and magic power overflows, that oath is so cool!

But as an innocent loli, he can still be said to be the weakest of the important characters in FT, let alone paired with other Dragon Slayers who cringe for mercy 🙁

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