Loli Dragon that can electrocute, Kanna Kamui (Saturday Night Loli) – Good evening everyone, respectful lolicon wherever you are, come back again with our beloved blog on loli Saturday night with loli who will accompany us tonight is Kanna Kamui’s deck from the anime Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon.

Who doesn’t know Kanna, especially among us who like loli characters. He was very popular when the anime was released around 2017 yesterday. It’s not complete with Saturday night loli if there’s no Kanna in it. Well, why is Kanna so popular? Let’s discuss in detail with feeling.

Loli Dragon + Gothic

This Kanna is actually not an ordinary loli, she is actually a dragon. He has two modes, first, he can turn into a white dragon with beautiful blue eyes and can also be transformed into a human form with a ghotic outfit, the Ainu tribe’s motif is unique because it is completely white (given by the MC though), isn’t it usually identical with ghotic it’s black right?

Interestingly, he is indeed a dragon that is still small, so in human form he is loli. When in human form, Mimin really likes horns and also tails that resemble small spiny balls which, if held, can electrocute, continue to die.

Behind the name “Kanna Kamui”

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