Loli Digital, Yui (Sunday Night Loli) – Hi loli lovers wherever you are, come back again with Mimin tonight to gather together to read articles about loli for sure. Lots of loli we have stained, eh, the intention of mimin is discussed, but this time we have an unusual loli presence.

Doi is Yui, the adopted son of a jealous married couple named Kirito and Asuna, even though they were married in the SAO game anyway. But in Yui’s presence, he became the bond of the couple wherever they were.

Because fed up with her mother Asuna especially her father, let’s just discuss her child 😀.

Loli Digital

It’s a shame but the fact that Yui is not human, is only one of the many results of human intelligence. But loli is still loli, no problem if he wants robots, monsters, ghosts, or whatever it is from kawai and loli, it won’t be a problem 😀.

Yui first met Kirito and Asuna in a forest, at first it was mistaken for a ghost eh eventually adopted too. The official name is YUI-MHCP001, an AI System in the SAO game.

But, with Kirito-kun’s intelligence, Yui succeeds in summoning into the ALO world and being able to see the human world using a camera-like device shown in the second season of SAO when Asuna and Yui went to Zekken’s funeral. Well, this is our sophisticated loli 😀.

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