Fallen Angel Loli, Gabriel White Tenma (Saturday Night Loli) – Welcome back to loli Saturday night. Sorry if Mimin didn’t get the chance to update last week … because I forgot oh it turns out it’s Saturday night 😀

Well, after yesterday we reviewed the not-so-famous loli, Shima from Hai-Furu, but the loli that we will discuss this time is quite popular in 2017. His name is Gabriel from the Gabriel Dropout anime.

What is this one loli like? Let us discuss.

Naughty Angel

In the story, he is an angel assigned to live on earth. In heaven, he is known as a student full of wise aura, just really an elite angel in heaven. But since living on earth, he even became a fallen angel aka naughty 😀.

I was so naughty, the sacred circle above his head turned black. Even the devil if he sees it must think that Gabriel is a devil: v. Even so, he was still kind, the proof was that he was still protected by the holy light. Both the devil and the angels in this anime are all good, after all, the name is also comedy anime 😀.

Liza Chan

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