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Cool! 10 Best Historical Anime Genre Recommendations – Historical is one of the genres contained in an anime. What is Historical? Anime with the Historical genre usually has a past or an old background, both depiction or story, but that does not mean it must be the Edo or Angling Darma era. Not only fiction, some anime take true stories from the past, that’s Historical.

Interesting points on Historical anime are numerous. One of them, for those of you who like anime with past stories, the Historical genre is very suitable for you. Well this time, there will be interesting recommendations for you concerning Historical. Here are recommendations for the best Historical anime genre version.

#11. Golden Kamuy

Historically speaking, this anime is thick with ancient wars, especially between the history of the Russian and Japanese wars. But Mimin did not know for sure that it was only fictional or indeed there was once, there was a tribe that was formed because of the war named the Ainu. The story is about a Japanese soldier who is known to be eternal (even though he’s just lucky to always be saved from death).

The new goal is to find the location of the gold hidden with a tattoo on the body of the prisoner as a guide (Prisoners who had escaped once, their bodies used as a media map). He was with the girl from the Ainu tribe, the owner of this gold. They then survive and find the location of this gold while finding out the mystery of the girl’s father.

#10. Kuroshitsuji

This anime is an adaptation of Yana Toboso’s manga. Tells the story of Sebastian Michaelis, a butler who works for Ciel Phantomhive, a noble boy who is 12 years old but has become the head of the family and head of a toy and candy company.

Sebastian also became a servant of the Queen of England secretly, this makes him often involved with various criminal acts. Ciel is not an ordinary bulter, he is a calling devil that Ciel hires to protect him.

#9. Samurai Champloo

This anime has a background in Japan during the imperial and golden times of the samurai. Tells the journey of two samurai named Mugen and Jin together with a girl named Fuu who is looking for a samurai who has the scent of sunflowers.

At first the three of them did not know each other, but since meeting at a cafe, when Mugen and Jin were fighting where the cafe was Fuu’s workplace.

From the meeting, the three of them looked for a sunflower-smelling samurai with only determination.

#8. Katanagatari

Tells about Yasuri Shichika with Togame who has the goal to collect 12 legendary Shikizaki swords.

Shichika was actually the son of a war hero who was exiled on Fusho island, since the death of his father he became the head of the seventh generation of Kyotouryuu and lived together with his brother on the island of Fushou.

Shortly afterwards he exited Fushou Island at Togame’s request to find 12 of Shikizaki’s swords.

#7. Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin

Tells about 7 teenagers who have to struggle to live together in the Shio dormitory. In the dormitory the seventh was in prison in the basement, where every day they experienced torture and humiliation.

They through every day of torment they feel by believing there will be a light of hope that can help them in the darkness of the world that imprisons them.

#6. Hetalia Axis Powers

This anime has a background during the first world war and second world war which involves the various history and culture of a country. This anime has a humorous element that certainly makes you laugh.

#5. Joker Game

This anime has a background during the Second World War or more precisely in 1937. It tells the story of a mysterious spy organization named D Agency, founded by Lieutenant Colonel Yuuki, a Japanese imperial army.

The lieutenant had the goal of recruiting outsiders from military academy graduates then training him to become a special and professional agent to carry out a dangerous operation.

#4. Aoi Bungaku Series

Aoi Bungaku is an anime adaptation of an old literary work between the 1900s which has 12 episodes consisting of 6 different stories.

This anime is very interesting because it tells about ancient literature, introducing us to ancient literature and writers who were popular in their time. Here are 6 stories contained in it:

1. No Longer Human
2. Sakura no Mori no Mankai no Shita
3. Kokoro
4. Run, Melos!
5. The Spider’s Thread
6. Hell Screen

#3. Mushishi

Anime ini merupakan salah satu anime lawas yang patut kamu tonton. Mengisahkan tentang seorang Mushishi bernama Ginko yang merupakan seorang dokter spesialis di bidang mushi.

Ia melakukan perjalanan untuk membantu orang-orang yang sedang mengalami masalah gangguan makhluk tak terlihat yang disebut Mushi.

#2. Junketsu no Maria

Tells about a witch named Maria who really hates the name of war. Unlike other magicians who only work behind the scenes, Maria instead plunges into battle to stop it.

His hope is that humans can coexist peacefully without war. But his good intentions were ignored by the people and chose to fight.

#1. Gintama

This anime is an anime with comedy genre. Tells the story of an Edo samurai. However, one day Edo was instead controlled by an alien named Amantos.

Gintoki came, is a very silly samurai and has a profession as a part-time worker together with his two friends who work to pay off their monthly rent.

That’s all the recommendations of the best Historical anime genre has discussed this time. The above recommendation is an anime that has a high rating, although there are still lots of Historical genres that are no less good though. So top 10 versions of 😀 See you next time in other genres, Minna-san!

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