Welcome to Zangetsu! A site that reviews everything about anime. This page is intentionally made for you who want to know more about Zangetsu. This site is one of the internet media that discusses anime, basically, this site is a “Blog” which means done personally by the author.

Zangetsu has covered a lot of anime, starting with recommendations, reviews, and all kinds, but that is not the end, but the beginning. There are still many unique things in the anime world that Zangetsu has not reviewed.

There are many categories on this site, such as recommendations, reviews, similar anime, facts, and all of them contain according to their respective categories. So, hopefully this division of categories can help you in finding the info you want 🙂
The Best Virtual Youtuber

Not only anime, Zangetsu also sometimes discusses things outside the world of anime such as Games, J-Drama, songs, Manga, Novels, and others. But one thing is certain, all the discussions in Zangetsu are all related to Japan’s Sakura.

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The admin’s purpose in making Zangetsu is to help animelovers find information related to anime. Sometimes liking anime can mean liking Japanese games, Japanese films, and so on, so occasionally Zangetsu also discusses it.

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