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6 Werewolf-themed anime recommendations (of which there are wolves) – Hi everyone, welcome back to Zangetsu and this time Zangetsu would like to review this recommendation guys. This recommendation relates to things that smell like monsters, werewolves or werewolves.

The wolf referred to here could mean the anime has a main character as a werewolf or the story is indeed about the world of the wolf or even the wolf element in the story is quite thick.

Well, Zangetsu has summarized some of the best werewolf-themed anime that you can watch, especially for those of you who like anime that have elements of wolves.

#6. Dance in the Vampire Bund

Okay, this anime might have the word “Vampire”, so where is the wolf element? Indeed, in this anime the MC is a vampire girl. But the MC guy here is a werewolf and the werewolf presence here is quite a big influence in the story. The impression itself is rather dark with exciting stories and salute as well with great graphics even though they are old anime.

The story itself about the world where the presence of a vampire is true or not is highly questionable. Starting on a talk show, a little girl who is actually a vampire suddenly made a riot and said that it was time for the vampire nation to come out of the shadows and declare the founding of a vampire kingdom with a queen named Mina Tepes.

Now from here, there arises rivals from other vampire nations and some groups who are trying to oppose the vampires.

#5. Cuticle Detective Inaba

This anime genre is comedy with the presence of many unique characters. This is also suitable for friends to watch for those who like ikemen. Although the theme is comedy, not infrequently this anime also shows serious scenes.

The wolf element is in our main character named Inaba Hiroshi. He is one of those who have the werewolf DNA with the physical characteristics of the wolf ears they have. They are called the Secret Doberman, but unfortunately, Inaba is the last Secret Doberman who was raised and trained by the police. So, this anime story is also thick with detectives like that guys.

#4. Mononoke Hime

The main character here is not a werewolf, but a wolf cub. This anime is in the form of a very old-fashioned movie, but the story is quite exciting with elements of Yokai or monsters like that guys. This anime is suitable for you to watch for those who like adventure anime which is peppered with the elements of wolf.

The story is about a prince from a distant village named Ashikata who went on an adventure to find a cure for the curse he suffered after fighting a crazy monster. In the middle of his journey, he instead got into a conflict between an iron mill and a girl known as Mononoke Hime.

#3. Ookami to Koushinryou (Spice and Wolf)

Now if this one has a heroine who is a werewolf or also known as the goddess of harvest. This anime is recommended for those of you who like anime romance mixed with werewolf and set in medieval times with thick fantasy.

The story is about Kraft Lawrence, a merchant who always moves to meet a wolf-eared girl known as the goddess of harvest. This girl named Holo, she really wanted to go home but did not know the direction of destination. The merchant then wants to help him go west to look for the holy book, meaning to the north where the Holo originated.

#2. Wolf’s Rain

This anime is also an old school anime, but the story is quite interesting. From the title alone I guessed that this anime is full of wolves. The genre is an adventure mixed with drama and fantasy. Tells the world about the brink of extinction.

There is a legend that says this, “When the world ends, the gates of heaven will open”. Many people hope with this legend, but it is said he said, only the wolves know the way to heaven. Wolves have long been considered extinct, but actually still live among humans by way of disguise.

Well, the story focuses on a werewolf named Kiba along with several other wolves who are looking for a way to “Rakuen” (Heaven) by following the fragrance of the moon flower. But, there are other enemies who are after this fragrance.

#1. Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki (Wolf Children)

This anime has a main character who is a werewolf. He fell in love with a human girl and was related to the point of having two children. Their children named Ame and Yuki who are werewolves like their father.

But, one day, the father died and now they only live with their mother. Do not want the fate of their two children the same as his father, the mother took her children to go to a remote village far from the city. So from here on, we will see the struggle of the mother raising a child that is different from normal humans.

Even though this anime has fictional elements, there are still many lessons that can be learned and applied in our daily lives guys.

So that’s all the anime recommendations that there are wolves 😀 I hope this info can be useful for you, Indonesian animelovers and see you in other cool anime recommendations only at Zangetsu.

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