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Fate/ Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Review, Endless War! – Answering requests for review articles from friends, this time Mimin will review a review of an already well-known anime entitled Fate/ Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works or it can also mean “Unlimited Sword Works”.

This anime was released around 2014 and has actually been released in 2006 under the title Fate/ Stay Night. So, it’s kind of like a remake. The change was really, especially for graphics. For more details, here is a review of Fate/ Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Zangetsu version.


English Title: Fate / stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]
Other names: Fate / stay night (2014), Fate – Stay Night
Type: TV
Episode: S1 (12 ep.) S2 (13 ep.)
Status: Complete
Release date: October 12, 2014 to December 28, 2014
Season: Fall 2014
Producer: Aniplex, Notes
License: Aniplex of America
Studio: ufotable
Appointed from: Visual novel, Manga
Genres: Action, Fantasy, Magic, Supernatural
Duration: 24 minutes / episode
Rating: R – 17+ (violence & profanity)
Creator: Type-Moon (Story), Nishiwaki, Datto (Art), Nasu, Kinoko (Story)


The city of Fuyuki has become a battlefield for fighting over the Holy Grail which is said to be able to grant all requests. Selected 7 masters with 7 Servant spirits each to fight over the Holy Grail. “He” who can endure to the end, the Holy Grail of hers.

The story focuses on Rin Tohsaka, master of the Archer and representing his family who had always participated in the Holy Grail war. But who would have thought, one of his school friends named Shirou Emiya was also involved as a master of Shaber.

Thinking about each other’s world peace, they then work together in war to stop the masters who have evil aims.

Story: 8.0/ 10

The story may be normal, people fighting each other to fight over something that is normal. But interestingly, there are many unexpected things in the middle of the struggle for the game and in this anime apply it.

In the middle of the story there are many surprises that are presented and this makes this anime interesting. Like for example the true figure of the MC who or the unexpected death of the characters in it. Unfortunately the romance in this anime is not very told.

But the presence of cool fight scenes with shocking stories has made this anime really worth watching. Oh yeah, the series we discussed this time is only one of the many Fate anime series, so don’t think it’s just this, well, watch another series.

Graphics: 9/ 10

This is the first time that Mimin has given a 9 out of 10 rating for graphics, because there is no criticism about graphics anymore, Mimin is really satisfied. Thank the Studio ufotable for working hard to create stunning graphics. When compared with the 2006 version, this remake is much better.

Maybe those who are less like only character art, but this is only a personal assessment, the rest is more than enough. Battle scenes are made as detailed as possible with magic or lighting effects that are already very pro. Salute the point with ufotable!

Characters: 7.1/ 10

In terms of character, it involves quite a lot of parties, but the quota for each character is different, of course the MC is the longest. Still like most anime, in this anime there are evil and good characters. But I like the MC, at first he was weak but as the story progressed he became stronger and the curious mystery of identity.

Here are some important characters in Fate/ Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works:

#1. Shirou Emiya

Master of Shaber. He has a hardened magic ability and is able to do Trace-On, forming a sword with hard material. Like most MCs, he is kind with a determined attitude.

#2. Rin Tohsaka

Archer the archer master. You could say the main heroine in this anime, but not too love with Shirou. He came from the Tohsaka family who had always been involved in the war of the Holy Grail. She has a priang personality and is a brave girl, basically she is not afraid to die.

#3. Saber

Saber is just a class nickname, it has its own name and you should watch it because Mimin doesn’t want to surf here. He has the pro-sword ability, his sword can disappear and only he can use it. The sword is called Excalibur, you know the name of the legendary sword is definitely OP.

#4. Archer

Characteristic of sweet black skin with white hair. Actually he has a relationship with Shirou, if you are curious just watch it. He is good at archery, but he is also great at using swords and has a very sturdy shield.

Even though Archer’s class, he is able to use the abilities of other classes even fight in balance with other servants by not using arrows, cool !.

Soundtrack: 8.5/ 10

Now this is one of the things that makes Mimin feel at home watching because we are presented with a very special opening and ending song. This anime is divided into two seasons with a total of 25 episodes.

In the first season, the ending song was really cool with the title “believe” by Kalafina. In episode 12 (S1), the opening is titled “THIS ILLUSION” by LiSA but it’s normal. While the opening in the first season titled “Ideal White” by Mashiro Ayano, was not too special but the sound was quite good.

In the first season the opening ending was sung by all women. Now the second coolest opening season, the title “Brave Shine” by Aimer. Whereas the second ending season was still choked by Kalafina in a soothing voice titled “ring your bell”.

But even more Kalafina songs in the first season, according to Mimin. As for the accompaniment sound effects in each episode it’s enough, although it does not have characteristics such as One Piece, Naruto, or Fairy Tail.

Overall: 8.7/ 10

This anime has advantages in the field of graphics with a pretty exciting story. Another plus is that the battle scenes are very bad, be it hand to hand, using weapons, or even magic.

This anime is also quite serious with the drama that swept away the audience. Especially with the storyline that always makes me wonder what will happen next. The point is this anime is highly recommended.

Trailer Video:

Thanks for reading the review this time, just take it easy because there is no such thing as a Zangetsu review, there is no such thing as excessive spoilers, well only in old reviews. Well, see you at the review of other selected anime, you can also request a review or other articles, greeting Indonesian animelovers.

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