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15 Recommended Anime 2019 Winter Best Zangetsu version – Hai-hai minna-san, like last season, this time Zangetsu will review the best 2019 winter anime recommendations that you shouldn’t miss. Want to know? Don’t close this page!

Well, this 2019 winter season there are a number of anime that have to be admitted are very interesting, well even though people’s tastes are different. But it looks like the list below will be liked by all groups. Okay, here are recommendations for the best 2019 winter anime version Zangetsu.

#15. 3D Kanojo: Real Girl [2nd Season]

Representing all wibu in the world, mimin admits that Hikari Tsutsui is right in his decision to think that 2D girls are better than 3D girls, don’t you agree? But, you can’t turn away from reality.

Be aware that 2D girls are not real, accept that there are 3D girls and want to be friends with you … maybe. Well, that’s about the principle of this anime, continuing the story of Hikari Tsutsui, an otaku who met a popular 3D girl named Iroha.

#14. Piano no Mori [2nd Season]

Musical anime that is quite thick with drama and strong friendship themes. This season is the second season of the TV series, before there was a movie series. The story is about two people who have very contrasting backgrounds, but they are brought together through the piano and continue to fight until the tournament level.

#13. BanG Dream! [2nd Season]

Another interesting musical anime to watch, especially those who like Chara Moe-Moe. In the first season it was pretty good, the story was really musical with great graphics too.

While in the second season there were changes that could be considered very significant, namely the graphics. From 2D to 2.5D, it’s good there is no problem, it’s still as usual.

The story is about a girl who was amazed to see a star-shaped guitar and bought it. After his enthusiasm overflowed, he was determined to do a great musical performance with four other friends as one band.

#12. Date A Live III [3rd Season]

Well the next best 2019 winter anime recommendation is Date A Live, a harem anime that has been victorious several years ago. Not only does it bring a lot of heroines with a little solid ecchi seasoning, this anime also provides an exciting spectacle of action and interesting stories.

For this winter 2019, Date A Live released the 3rd season and continued the story of our king harem named Itsuka Shidou in conquering the beautiful Spirits by dating until the valleys to avoid the disasters that hit the earth. And like other harem anime traditions, of course there will be a new beautiful heroine that appears, muehehe.

#11. Kakegurui×× [2nd Season]

Welcome back to Hyakkaou Academy !, where gambling is everything. Continuing the story of Jabami Yumeko, a transfer student who is crazy about gambling. But he is also smart, he can win in gambling games, even knowing that his opponents are cheating.

The interesting thing about this anime is of course the game, you can see gambling games with various rules and strategies. When you win, you are the King, when you lose, you become a pulp. Also applaud this anime graphic, which is really good especially when showing the characters in it being sange 😀

#10. Boogiepop wa Warawanai [2019]

This anime is much more than action, because the genre is a mystery drama. Speaking of mysteries, this anime has a quality mystery that is combined with supernatural elements and the presence of figures such as “Aliens”.

The story is also very psychological because it has nuances of dementia or changes in behavior, emotions, multiple personalities, and the like. The story is about Urband Legend, Boogiepop, the grim reaper that relieves human pain.

At Shinyo Academy there was a case of missing several female students and because of that, a student named Nagi Kirima began to investigate. But it was not Boogiepop’s doing, but another mysterious figure. But do not rule out the possibility, it looks like Boogiepop will come to enliven this mystery.

Oh yes, this anime is a remake of the anime titled the same release in 2000 from the adaptation of the famous manga around 1998 with the same title as well. So, of course the remake is more recommended because of better graphics.

#9. Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita!

Be happy you loli hunters, uh, I mean loli lovers because in this anime there are lots of fresh loli. This anime is full comedy with a simple story, but very exciting to follow. But for those who like psychopathic dark anime, it seems like they will be shocked if they watch this kind of anime because it is “very colored”.

The story is about an otaku student who likes to design cosplay clothes and make cakes named Miyako Hoshino-neesan, she is shy but likes sweets. One day, her sister Hinata-chan invited her friend Hana-chan to play at her house and she immediately fell in love with Hana-chan because of a super-like kawai.

The comedy story begins to soothe the soul with the presence of loli figures, not only Hinata-chan and Hana-chan, but there are still other loli that haven’t debuted yet. It seems like in this anime there are lots of fresh ingredients for the loli segment on Saturday night, muehehe.

#8. Go-toubun no Hanayome

The main genre is harem and comedy. Judging from the first episode, it looks like our King Harem will marry the heroines. In this anime you can see the twin girls, they are all beautiful, unique, rich, but all sableng. Take it easy, the sableng level is still losing at Aqua-sama from Konosuba 😀.

Our main character is named Uesagi Fuutarou, a poor but smart student. That’s why the only job suitable for him is to become a tutor for the triplets. But it’s not that easy to make them smart and pass the test. Compared to being a tutor, he is more like a maid for the triplets 😀.

#7. Dororo

This anime is full of bloody scenes and cool battles. The nuance is rather dark because it is set in the Muromachi era which lasted around the 14th century. That’s why this anime is recommended for you who like historical genre.

Not only presents badass fighting action, the storyline is also exciting with the presence of demons or monsters that interfere in the human world. The story is about Hyakkimaru, a newborn baby with 48 organs sacrificed to the devil for a brief peace.

When he was a teenager with improvised organs, he hunted the devil so he could get his organs back. One day when he fought, he saved a child named Dororo and befriended him.

Oh yes, for those of you who were born in the 1950 😀 must be familiar with this anime because it is a remake of the Dororo anime that was released around 1969 with portrayals in black and white.

#6. Mob Psycho 100 II [2nd Season]

The uniqueness of this anime lies in the quality of cool action with exciting stories. Even though there are many people who don’t like the graphics, but actually that’s what makes them unique.

Now the winter release of 2019 is the second season, of course the story is more exciting with the presence of Mob and the teacher who always uses it to ward off evil spirits.

In the first episode, we were presented with the romance story of the Mob, though it was rather annoying. The story is about the life of Shigeo Kageyama aka Mob, a child who has psychic powers. He is able to control the objects around him and many other forces.

Together with Reigen, he works (or rather manipulated) to earn money by casting out evil spirits. But,
there are also mysterious movements of evil organizations and targeting those with psychic powers, including Mob.

#5. Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen

Love is complicated, if you just say what is so difficult. But, in this anime apply the principle “If you express love, then you lose!”. Both of our MCs have high self-esteem, but like each other. That’s why they compete with each other to bring down their self-esteem by expressing love.

The story is about the student council president who is smart and handsome with the soul of a leader but belongs to ordinary people named Miyuki. On the other hand there was also a rich and beautiful vice-president of the student council named Kaguya. Both have high self-esteem as high as Monas, but like each other.

Because of prestige, both of them did not want to express love first, so they thought to force each other who would declare love first. Recommendations for those of you who like anime romance clad in comedy and become an alternative to Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san or Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet who both like each other but because of pride, they are hostile.

#4. Domestic na Kanojo

Again, love is really complicated, what happens if the person you like turns out to be a teacher at your school? From teacher to become your brother? That is what is applied in this anime. The story is about a man who went on a blind date and met a girl.

The girl then invited him to do XXX to gain experience. A few days later, his father said he would remarry and it turns out oh it turns out, the XXX girl was his stepmother’s son and the teacher he liked was the girl’s older sister.

This anime is pure romance that tells the life of Japanese people (I don’t know if it’s normal or not there). The drama feels really good, and it is not suitable for children because it is memorable “Adult”.

#3. Yakusoku no Neverland

For those of you who like survival or survival anime, this anime is highly recommended. The story itself is rather dark and serious with the involvement of monsters in it. In combating these monsters, our MC uses strategic intelligence, because physical strength alone is not enough.

Tells about an orphanage with comfortable facilities. The orphanage children are living happily, among them there are three genius children, namely Ray, Norman, and Emma. They are treated well by the person they call “Mama” or the guardian of the orphanage.

However, who would have thought, the orphanage is a farm with children as “livestock” to be used as food for mysterious monsters. Knowing this, Emma and Norman are determined to flee together with other orphanage children to the outside world which was previously strictly PROHIBITED. Exciting anyway!

#2. Doukyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue.

Because he did not want his imagination to be disturbed, a famous novelist named Subaru Mikazuki closed himself off from others. One day, he picked up a cat because it was inspired by the cat’s behavior as his novel idea. Begins the story of an introvert novelist and a cat who brought him to know the outside world.

Zangetsu likes the story, there are two worlds here, the world of humans and the world of cats. Not that cats here can talk, but cats also have their own thoughts. The story of their togetherness is quite interesting and full of comedy, sometimes also touching and there may be a little romance going forward.

#1. Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari

2019 starts with the classy anime Isekai. Unlike the other Isekai anime where the MC immediately overpowered, in this anime the MC started from level 1 aka zero to hero. Well, although initially it has talent.

The story is even more interesting when our MC is betrayed by a bitch girl as one of the heroes summoned to the world. He was exiled and in the middle of his journey, he bought a half-raccoon loli slave or what was his name 😀 and worked together to level up.

A little spoiler, the slave will grow up and be strong and the betrayed hero will comeback with an epic revenge story!

Now that’s the best winter anime 2019 recommendation that I can give. If you feel there is another interesting 2019 winter release anime from the list above, comment below and give reasons so that other friends might be interested. See you in the next season’s recommendations and greetings Indonesian animelovers, minna-san!

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