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12 Best and Most Sadistic Anime Gore Recommendations! 18+ – Kali ini Zangetsu akan membahas anime gore terbaik, terseram dan paling sadis! Gore adalah genre dalam film di mana terdapat banyak adegan yang terbilang “sadis”, seperti pembunuhan dengan cara anarkis seperti pembantaian, penembakan atau mutilasi. Gore biasanya lebih memperlihatkan tubuh yang telah di perlakukan seperti saya sebutkan di atas tadi.

Genre Gore dalam anime memang tidak terlalu banyak di sukai oleh para anime lovers, namun tidak sedikit pula yang menyukai genre satu ini. Gore memiliki ketertarikan tersendiri, biasanya disukai oleh orang yang suka adu nyali gitu (berani lihat yang menjijikan). Nah, bagi sobat yang lagi nyari-nyari rekomendasi anime dengan genre Gore, mungkin bisa lihat-lihat beberapa anime gore di bawah ini yang sudah Sakuranime “cap” menjadi anime gore terbaik dan terbagus, tentunya dengan versi Zangetsu.

#12. Itou Junji: Collection

If you look at the manga, you will be presented with a lot of hard level gore things from broken faces, human half animal changes, and many other disgusted things. As for the anime it is pretty gore, but somehow the sensation isn’t as gore as the manga. The story is different every episode, but it’s still a story about horror.

#11. Blood C

First there was Blood C, Saya Kisiragi, an ordinary student with a normal appearance as well as her peers, she lived with her father who was the head of the temple. He was taught sword techniques by his father, often I had to deal with challenges and monsters in order to protect his friends, often he was also made bad luck by his own kindness.

Gore effect given by this anime is very realistic and in my opinion is not out of bounds (not as bad as Genocyber). With a mixture of action will not make you bored watching, well though honestly I’m a little less understand the storyline.

#10. Elfen Lied

This anime includes an old anime, tells the story of a girl named Lucy who escaped (fleeing) from a laboratory, this Lucy has a frightening power where she can easily kill or move things around her (Invisible Hands).

Here is one of the most sadistic gore anime in the world, bro, how to kill sadistic, from the severed head to the heart released. Lucy just stood quietly but instead there is a heart dislodged, hehe. Even though the action is a little, but what makes it fun is the gore is really cool.

#9. High School Of The Dead

In Japan, even all over the world suddenly struck by a plague of mysterious diseases where turning a person into a zombie or a walking corpse. Focusing on a student named Takashi Komuro who sees a man (Zombie) who is trying to enter his school area. Quickly the zombie infected everything inside, Takashi ran and gathered his friends to survive.

Here is one of the best gore anime that I have watched, if in Holywood there is Resident Evil then in the anime there is High School Of The Dead, the gore is even though low but still cool, the story is cool even though almost all the causes are with other zombie movies, I guess it’s definitely the origin of the plague from monkeys or aliens.

There is also a little romantic story here, where Takashi likes his childhood friend Rei Miyamoto, but this Rey has a girlfriend who turns out to be his best friend, but destiny says another Rey’s girlfriend turns into a zombie while trying save yourself. As time passed, finally the Takashi with Rey was back together. Oh yeah, this anime is also seasoned with the Ecchi genre, so be careful, okay?

#8. Attack On Titan

Tells the story of Humans who survive against the giants in a cage called the “wall”. Eren Jeager, a child who lives safely inside the wall, suddenly one day the colossal giant came and smashed the wall, letting other giants enter to prey on humans.

Eren and Mikasa run to save her mother but it turns out her mother was crushed by a building, a giant appeared to devour her mother right in front of Eren’s eyes. From then on Eren vowed to kill all the giants. For this purpose, Eren entered the military to become a member of the surveillance team and kill all the giants.

Even though the gore that is shown is just when a giant eats a human, my friend feels disgusted right? Usually my friend can only see zombies eating humans now that there are giants eating humans, it’s exciting, the action is also heavyweight.

#7. Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland is the name of an amusement park and a prison. Ganta Igarashi, a child who one morning in his class was relaxing playing gadgets suddenly came someone in red clothes outside the window while floating.

Quickly Ganta’s classroom was destroyed by this red guy, all his classmates died in a pathetic state. The shocked Ganta approaches the red man and stabs the red object into Ganta’s chest. Accused of killing his classmate, Ganta was put into Deadman Wonderland.

Here the gor Gor is great, bro, the most sadistic dead people in this prison have a battle system where the loser has to give one organ every time they lose, do you cringe? Not only that, Bro, the action is also cool, where the fight uses blood, so the blood is controlled like a weapon. If this Ganta can shoot bullet-like blood, cool right?

#6. Hellsing Series

This old anime has succeeded in giving satisfaction to animelovers, especially anime gore lovers. Hellsing is a special organization whose job is to eradicate vampires and evil monsters from the face of the earth.

Alucard is a vampire who works under Hellsing for certain joining reasons. One day, while he was in charge of hunting another evil vampire, he met a girl named Seras Victoria who was being held hostage by an evil vampire who was about to bite Seras.

Alucard is a vampire with a great gun, in addition to being great he also has a fast regenerating power that can even be said he is immortal. He easily defeated the vampire but the situation Seras is really on the verge of death, Alucard then saves the life of the girl by giving blood vampire, Seras finally turned into a vampire nation since then.

The story and the best graphics of its time. For the quality of the gore given, there is no need to worry because this cool anime provides a good gore effect and certainly makes Sakuranime’s friends sometimes nauseous. With his cool action when fighting makes this anime one of the best gore anime.

#5. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

I really recommend this one gore one to you, Sakuranime’s friends who really love blood and violence (don’t copy it! It’s enough to watch the anime). Not only from the gore, for Sakuranime’s friends who love mystery and horror genres, I also highly recommend this anime.

This anime is also included in the old anime category as well as Hellsing but the story and graphics need not be questioned. Tells the story of 1983, Maebara Keiichi, a person who had just moved to Hinamizawa, then met with Ryuuga Rena, Sonozaki Mion, Furude Rika, and Hojou Sakato.

Keichi was invited to join a club where the club always played games. The game is erratic, it can be cards, board games or other games. One day during the Wataganashi festival that is held every year, he felt that there was something odd about this festival.

Finally, Keiichi realized that there was something really odd about the festival, that every year there was a festival that would kill 1 person and 1 person would disappear during the last 4 years during the festival. Out of curiosity, Keiichi became interested in this case and was involved in it.

In this anime we will be presented with a thick gore, oppression, murder, and terror that makes this anime the saddest gore anime ever. Especially for Sakuranime’s friends of loli lovers (Lolicon) who must be patient to see sweet lollies that must suffer.

#4. Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi

Tells about a man with his job as a private investigator who is very greedy for strength and talent. To attract things at night, a series of nightmares recalled the tragedy of sixty-five years ago where Rin’s body was stabbed and then blasted sadistically and his body was scattered everywhere. There is one thing that is always odd in that mind is the existence of a demon named Apos.

Apos are immortal beings who are very obsessed with sacrificing Rin to Yggdrasil. While Rin struggled desperately to reveal the secret of the endless suffering he felt. Secretly the Apos Devil continued to follow and spy on Rin’s movements and look for loopholes to destroy Rin’s body and soul. If you want to know whether Rin will succeed in stopping him or will Rin who instead will die? Watch the anime!

The quality of the gore that is given is no less cool than the anime that we discussed above. Blood, body splattered, physical and mental oppression and mystery make this anime worth watching for gore lovers.

#3. Gantz

Anime is the best! Gantz successfully succeeded in entertaining his fans with a unique story mixed with gore to make this anime different from the others. Starting at the train station, Kei Kurono and Masaru Kato had to be hit by a train when they were about to help their parents on the railroad tracks.

For a few seconds, they realized they were in a mysterious room with a black ball in it called Gantz. Suddenly Gantz opened and there was black suit-style equipment that made its users possess strength, speed, accuracy, and agility above normal humans.

X-Gun, Y-Gun, X-Rifle, Gantz Sword, and H-Gun are the best weapons from Gantz. Then, the people will be told to kill according to the target informed by Gantz. Usually the targets are aliens or monsters such as Alien Onion, Alien Tanaka and others.

They will then be sent to all parts of Japan. As the story goes blah-blah-blah, finally the people who had come from Gantz know the truth that they are people who are dead.

There will be many gore scenes that are served by this cool anime. Seeing the target killed in a way that is really extreme and other conflicts that lead to sadistic death makes us interested and at the same time tensed to see this anime.

#2. Corpse Party

Nobody has never seen this one anime, because this anime is one of the best horror anime ever. In addition to the genre of horror and mystery that really feels, Gore is also given to enliven this cool anime. Tells the story of Tenjin Elementary School which was demolished after the murder case and the disappearance of school staff. At the beginning of the story, the Kisaragi Academy was built on land that was once a former Tenjin Elementary School building.

A group of students are playing Sachiko, a traditional game where they must hold Sachiko torn pieces as a talisman. A few seconds later, an earthquake suddenly occurred and they were sucked into another dimension where when Tenjin Elementary School was still standing intact and was haunted by the children of the victims of the first murder. Psychopaths are everywhere to kill them, they continue to survive and find a way out of that dimension with various conditions that must be fulfilled by them, one of which they must make this psychopath admit his abomination.

The gorilla is truly tense, it’s tense to see the psychopath kill in a very sadistic way to its victims. As the title implies in Indonesian it means “bodies of corpses” so it is not surprising that Sakuranime’s friends will find many corpses that have been sadistically killed.

#1. Genocyber

Here comes the most sadistic gore anime ever made. Genocyber is a special project created by a crazy researcher who aims to create giant weapons. Elaine is a beautiful girl but is less sensitive in thinking and Diane is a weak but very humongous psychic talented girl. They were both involved in the project that the crazy researcher was working on. They both managed to control Genocyber, a giant proportion weapon, but unfortunately they were not too familiar with each other.

In terms of story and graphics are not too good but not too bad. I judge from the gore scene shown, to be honest, this anime is the most saddest scane gore anime ever. Although I don’t really like the story, for the gore part, this anime is the best.

How? is there a gore anime that Sakuranime’s best friend wants to watch? I remind you not to get too carried away in the story, especially those of you who are underage and unstable. Don’t like something you like too much, because often we like it and don’t like other people. That’s all and hopefully useful, thank you.

Liza Chan

Written by Liza Chan

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