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11 Recommended Zangetsu Anime Martial Arts Best – Do you know what Martial Arts is? That is the title for the genre in the anime. Not only in the anime anyway, Martial Arts has also become a genre in various types of films. Martial Arts is taken from the English language which means martial arts. So a movie or anime that has a Martial Arts genre contains martial elements in it, the most popular examples are Naruto and Dragon Ball.

But because those two anime or other famous over-anime ones are already very familiar to us, on this occasion Zangetsu will discuss the recommendations of Martial Arts anime that “Maybe” there are still many who are unfamiliar but have interesting stories. So here is a recommendation for the best Muran Arts anime genre Zangetsu.

#11. Kurokami The Animation

This anime is a little Dark theme with action and Martial Arts really cool. The story is about Ibuki Keita, a student feels like a curse where everyone close to him dies, since then he doesn’t want to be close to anyone.

One day he met with Kuro, a strange girl who had strength beyond normal. The girl then tells him about Terra, the energy power of the three identical identic global phenomena called the Doppoliner System.

#10. Shikabane Hime: Aka

Same as above, this anime is also themed Dark but a little stronger. The story is also interesting with the cool genre of Martial Arts and recommendations for those of you who like zombie anime. Tells the story of a child from the Hoshimura family who was killed then came back to life as a Shikabane (Zombie) for binding a contract with Priest from Kougon-Shuu, Togami Keisei.

Makina Hoshimura now lives as a Shikabane-hime with the aim of killing other Shikabane in order to reach Heaven. Behind that goal, he has the ultimate goal of finding and taking revenge on the person who killed him and his family.

#9. Freezing

Not only does it have cool action, this Martial Arts anime also has a strong ecchi genre. So it’s certainly interesting for us to watch, especially those who like ecchi anime. Not only ecchi, this anime is also a harem genre.

A Satellizer el Bridget and Aoi Kazuya have been transferred to West Genetics Academy, a special school where Pandoras and Limiters are educated. Kazuya became a Limiter with problems between Pandoras who were said to be very sensitive to the touch.

#8. Ben-To

This anime has a very unique story with action that is also unique. Tells about the situation that occurred in the Mini Market where those who are referred to as Wolves (called Bento discount hunters) fight each other to get the discount Bento they want.

Starting from a young man named Yo Sato who suddenly woke up at the Mini Market without remembering what happened to him. He then met with Sen Yarizui and invited Sato to join a Bento discount search club called Half-Priced Food Lovers. Finally Sato realized that the cause of his unconscious was beaten by the crazy wolves of Bento Discount. It’s kind of funny, but it’s fun.

#7. Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi

Released in 2006, although including an old anime but talking about the quality of action that is full of self defense and the quality of the story, this anime is no less good with Yuu ☆ Yuu ☆ Hakusho or Hunter x Hunter.

Shirahama Kenichi doesn’t like fighting and prefers to spend his time reading books. But the world is cruel bro, he can’t help but have to practice martial arts and eventually join the Karate club at his school. But he was expelled by his senior until he met with Furinji Miu and practiced in the Dojo in Ryouzanpaku whose teachers were super strong.

#6. Medaka Box

Medaka Box memiliki cerita yang menarik dan juga sebagai anime Martial Arts Harem di daftar kali ini. Bercerita tentang Kurokami Medaka, kelas satu yang terpilih untuk menjadi Ketua Dewan Mahasiswa. Hal yang pertama ia lakukan adalah membuat kotak saran yang disebut dengan “Medaka Box”, siswa memasukkan masalahnya di kotak itu dan Medaka yang akan mengambilnya serta mengatasi masalah tersebut.

#5. Asu no Yoichi!

This anime has a comedy that weighs with Ecchi in it. Tells the story of Yoichi Karasuma, a young pesamurai who only works in various mountains in Japan. He was finally transferred by his father to the City.

In the City, he began his life by meeting 4 girls and starting high school normally. But still, the change from Rural to Urban makes it requires more time to adapt.

#4. Ranma ½

This anime was released in 1989, so you could say this anime is really Legendary as Martial Arts. Maybe rarely are interested in watching, even though the story of this anime is very good. Even so, the Live Action of this anime is worth watching, especially for those of you who aren’t interested in watching the anime but are interested in the story.

#3. Hinomaruzumou

Sports-themed anime that is Sumo. It’s very rare for anime to raise sumo as a main concept in a story. The interesting thing is the MC is really badass in sumo. The story is about a child who likes sumo but can’t be a pro because of the height he has. However, he still has the determination and now he aims to conquer the high school level sumo tournament for children.

#2. Yuu☆Yuu☆Hakusho

The age of this anime is almost the same as the old version of HxH. In contrast to HxH which is already famous for its remakes, Yuu ☆ Yuu ☆ Hakusho cannot be swallowed up by the times. Therefore Zangetsu recommends it as the best Martial Arts anime. Although including an old anime, the quality is no less good with Hunter x Hunter.

Urameshi Yusuke, a naughty boy whose daily work is just troublesome. One day, he was willing to sacrifice to help a small child until he died. His spirit was then employed by Koenma to eradicate demons that disturb people while he looked for ways to return to life.

#1. Tenjou Tenge

Well this Martial Arts anime is really cool, recommendations for those of you who are looking for anime about self defense. Tells the story of Bob Makihara with Souchiro Nagi. They both had the goal of conquering Toudou Academy.

But when they got there, they were even stopped by the Jyuukenbu Self-Defense club. Nagi was finally defeated by one of the members of Jyuukenbu. With that, they later joined the club with the aim of becoming even greater fighters.

That’s the recommendation of the anime with the best Martial Arts genre version of Zangetsu. Hopefully this can be your reference watching and don’t forget to share with your friends so you don’t miss this important info. Also check out other genre recommendations, thanks and see you again Minna-san! 😀

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